IPL 2023 Schedule: Time Table, Venue, Players, Team Wise Captain and Fixtures

IPL 2023 Schedule: Time Table, Venue, Players, Team Wise Captain and Fixtures: Yet again IPL Timetable 2023 has begun, as per data obtained from authentic sources, IPL will begin on 20 March 2023 and as indicated by IPL Timetable 2023 the last match will be played on 28 May 2023. Today, through this cricket article IPL Timetable 2023, we will attempt to give you different kinds of data connected with IPL 2023 Timetable, IPL 2023 Date, IPL 2023 PDF Scene, and so on.

Here we will let you know that under the IPL Timetable 2023, presently 10 Teams will play in the IPL, as a matter of fact, there used to be 8 Teams, yet from this time the groups of Lucknow and Gujarat have been consolidated in the IPL. You need to accompany us in this article to get more data about IPL Timetable 2023. So you can be refreshed with complete data in regards to IPL Timetable 2022

IPL Timetable 2023

It is worth focusing on companions, here we are attempting to clear up for you a wide range of updates about IPL Timetable 2023, as a matter of fact, as per everything we are saying to you about IPL Timetable 2023, IPL this year from March 25 to May 28. As indicated by the IPL Timetable 2023, a sum of 74 association matches will be finished by May. You will partake is in a ton this season since you will get extremely energizing matches under IPL Timetable 2023. Assuming you need that you will get many kinds of data like IPL 2023 Match Rundown, IPL Match Timetable 2023, IPL Match Dates 2023, IPL Match Warning, and so on.

IPL Schedule 2023 Overview

ArticleIPL Schedule 2023
LeagueIndian Premier League 2023
Starting Date20 March 2023
Ending Date28 May 2023
Host CountryIndia
Total Teams & Match10 & 74
Official Websiteiplt20.com

New Team in IPL 2023

According to some information in IPL 2023, there will be 10 teams instead of 8 teams. We are providing the list of teams of IPL 2023 team below.

IPL 2023 Match Dates

S. No.Match DateTimeTeam Vs Team
125-Mar-20237:30 PMKKR vs CSK
226-Mar-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMMI vs DC
326-Mar-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMRCB vs PBKS
427-Mar-20237:30 PMLSG vs GT
528-Mar-20237:30 PMRR vs SRH
629-Mar-20237:30 PMKKR vs RCB 
730-Mar-20237:30 PMCSK vs LSG
831-Mar-20237:30 PMPBKS vs KKR
901-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs MI
1001-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs GT
1102-Apr-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMPBKS vs CSK
1203-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs SRH
1304-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs RR
1405-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs KKR
1506-Apr-20237:30 PMDC vs LSG
1607-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs GT
1708-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs CSK
1808-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs RCB
1909-Apr-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMDC vs KKR
2009-Apr-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMLSG vs RR
2110-Apr-20237:30 PMGT vs SRH
2211-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs CSK
2312-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs MI
2413-Apr-20237:30 PMGT vs RR
2514-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs SRH
2615-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs MI
2715-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs DC
2816-Apr-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMSRH vs PBKH
2916-Apr-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMCSK vs GT
3017-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs RR
3118-Apr-20237:30 PMRCB vs LSG
3219-Apr-20237:30 PMPBKS vs DC
3320-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs MI
3421-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs DC
3522-Apr-20237:30 PMGJ vs KKR
3622-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs RCB
3723-Apr-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMMI vs LSG
3824-Apr-20237:30 PMCSK vs PBKS
3925-Apr-20237:30 PMRR vs RCB
4026-Apr-20237:30 PMSRH vs GT
4127-Apr-20237:30 PMKKR vs GT
4228-Apr-20237:30 PMLSG vs PBKS
4329-Apr-2302 7:30 PMRCB vs GT
4429-Apr-20237:30 PMMI vs RR
4530-Apr-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMLSG vs DC 
4630-Apr-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMCSK vs SRH
4701-May-20237:30 PMRR vs KKR
4802-May-20237:30 PMPBKS vs GT
4903-May-20237:30 PMCSK vs RCB
5004-May-20237:30 PMSRH vs DC
5105-May-20237:30 PMMI vs GT
5206-May-20237:30 PMRR vs PBKS
5306-May-20237:30 PMKKR vs LSGF
5407-May-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMRCB vs SRH
5507-May-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMDC vs CSK
5608-May-20237:30 PMKKR vs MI
5709-May-20237:30 PMGT vs LSG
5810-May-20237:30 PMDC vs RR
5911-May-20237:30 PMMI vs CSK
6012-May-20237:30 PMPBKS vs RCB
6113-May-20237:30 PMSRH vs KKR
6214-May-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMGT vs CSK
6314-May-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMRR vs LSG
6415-May-20237:30 PMDC vs PBKS 
6516-May-20237:30 PMSRH vs MI
6617-May-20237:30 PMLSG vs KKR
6718-May-20237:30 PMGT vs RCB
6819-May-20237:30 PMCSK vs RR
6920-May-20237:30 PMDC vs MI
7021-May-2023(Sunday)7:30 PMPBKS vs SRH
7428-May-2023 (Sunday)7:30 PMFINAL
IPL 2023 Match Schedule

IPL 2023 Sponsers List

In the IPL 2023 sponsors, the title sponsor, official partners, broadcasters, digital streaming partners, strategic timeout partners, and umpire partners are all on the list.

  • RuPay is now an official partner(IPl 2023 Sponsor List) of the IPL 2023.
  • VIVO withdraws as the title sponsor of the IPL 2023 season, and the BCCI replaces them with TATA.
  • Swiggy, an online food ordering, and delivery platform is set to become the IPL’s sixth official on-ground sponsor.
  • The title is sponsored by Tata with 440 crores.
  • Official sponsors- 210 crores
  • Umpires’ sponsors – 28 crores
  • Sponsor of the official strategic timeout – 30 crores

IPL Teams and Their Brand Value

Team                 Brand value
Mumbai Indians₹2,700 crore (US$358.6 million)
Chennai Super Kings₹2,500 crore (US$332.0 million)
Kolkata Knight Riders₹543 crore (US$72.1 million)
Royal Challengers Bangalore₹536 crore (US$71.2 million)
Sunrisers Hyderabad₹442 crore (US$58.7 million)
Delhi Capitals₹370 crore (US$49.1 million)
Punjab Kings₹318 crore (US$42.2 million)
Rajasthan Royals₹249 crore (US$33.1 million)
New Lucknow Franchise (from the 2023 season)₹7,090 crore (US$941.6 million)
New Ahmedabad Franchise(from 2023 season)₹5,625 crore (US$747.0 million)

When the IPL 2023 will start?

IPL (Indian Premier League) will start from 25th march 2023 to 28 May 2023

How many teams play IPL 2023?

A Total of 10 teams play IPL 2023.

IPL 2023 Team List

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)
Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
Lucknow Supergiants (LSK)
Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR)
Mumbai Indians (MI)
Sunrisers Hyderabad
Gujrat Titans (GT)
Delhi Capitals (DC)
Rajasthan Royal
Punjab Kings

FAQ-related IPL 2023

Which is the official website of the IPL 2023 schedule?

The official website of IPL Schedule 2023 has been already mentioned in the above article.

How many new teams are participating in IPL 2023? Kitni nai teeme IPL 2023 me bhaag le rhi hai.

2 new Teams are participating in IPL 2023.

What are the names of new teams in IPL 2023? IPL 2023 me nai teemo ke kya naam hai?

Gujrat Titans and Lucknow Supergiants.

How many matches will play in IPL 2023? IPL 2023 me kitne ,atchs khele jayenge?

A total of 74 Matches will be played.

What is the brand value of every IPL team?

It is given in the above table.

Who is the winner of IPL 2022?

Gujrat Titans.

Who is the runner-up team of IPL 2022?

Rajasthan Royal.

How much is the prize money for the IPL 2022 winning Team?

In 2022, the prize money for the winners of the Indian Premier League was about 200 million Indian rupees