DA Hike for 7th Pay Commission: Central Government Employees’ DA increased to 50%

DA Hike for 7th Pay Commission: For Central Government Employees Salary Hike News: HRA, daily allowance, and other components will also increase as DA hits 50%.

For central government employees, the dearness allowance (DA) has a hike by 4%. DA has touched 50% for the central government employees with the recent jump. For central government pensioners, Dearness Relief (DR) has also risen by 4% to 50%. From January 1, 2024, the increased DA and DR are very effective. About 49.18 lakh central government employees and 67.95 lakh central government pensioners will be benefitted from this scheme.

DA Hike for 7th Pay Commission

One of the components of the salary of the government employees and the pensioners is a dearness allowance. The take-home salary of central government employees will also increase when the DA rises. There is good news for the Central government employees as soon as DA hits 50%.

According to the 7th Pay Commission recommendations, certain other allowances and components of the salary will also increase when DA will be touching 50%. Hence, there will be a significant jump in the salary of central government employees. To understand how the salary of central government employees will rise after the recent DA hike has been given here.

What will be the salary of employees after the DA hike?

A central government employee gets a basic salary of Rs 45,700 per month. His dearness allowance was Rs 21,022 earlier at 46%. His dearness allowance will rise to Rs 22,850 with the DA hiked to 50%. So the candidate will get Rs 1,818 more — Rs 22,850-Rs 21,022.

Revision in the HRA Rates:

The 7th Pay Commission recommended that these rates be revised to 30%, 20% and 10% of the basic pay in the X, Y and Z cities, respectively, when DA reaches 50%.

What happens when DA reaches 50%: Here are the allowances that will go up

  • House rent allowance
  • Children’s education allowance
  • Hostel subsidy
  • Dress Allowance
  • Daily allowance
  • Special allowance for childcare
  • Gratuity ceiling
  • TA on transfer (transportation of personal effects)
  • Mileage allowance for own transport

DR Hiked to 50%: For The Central Government Pensioners How Much Pension Will Increase

Dearness Allowance will be applicable for the central government pensioners, which has also been increased by 4%. The DR will be revised to 50% with the recent hike. A pensioner of the central government gets a basic pension of Rs 36,100 per month. The pensioner will be getting Rs 16,606 at 46% DR. As dearness relief the pensioner will get Rs 18,050 every month.

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