How to Download Voter ID Card Online 2024

How to download Voter ID Card: An Elector’s Photo Identity Card has been issued by the Election Commission of India which is very commonly known as Voter ID Card. It is for all the eligible citizens who are currently registered as voters. During elections, this card serves as proof of identity and to avail several government services.

It is now possible to download a soft copy of your Voter ID card from the official website with the initiative of Digital India. For understanding the step-by-step process we will have to Download the Voter ID card online.

How to Download a Voter ID Card

A person should ensure to have the following steps before initiating the Voter ID card download process:

  • First of all, a person should have access to the registered mobile number which can be used during the enrollment process
  • On the card, there should be a provision for providing a unique Voter ID number
  • For receiving OTP and notifications there should be provision of a valid email ID
  • The card can be downloaded by using only the actual Voter ID card holders by using the Voter ID details and referenced mobile number. To download someone else’s Voter ID by filing incorrect details is punishable by law

A candidate must first register to Download the Voter ID card on the portal of NVSP:

A candidate must first go to NVSP. in and then click on the ‘Register as Voter’ link. Thereafter, a person should use his basic personal details. The candidate will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number. Enter this OTP for the completion of the registration. Thereafter, a password must be set for your NVSP account. (Download Voter ID Card)

For future login to the portal, this password will be required. Within 24-48 hours via SMS/email your NVSP registration will be approved. Then login details should be provided and all online Voter ID services should be accessed.

Before proceeding with the Voter ID download, log in to the NVSP portal using your credentials and ensure that your contact details are updated especially your mobile number and email ID. A person should Go to ‘Login’ on the NVSP website and enter their credentials. Under ‘My Details’, update your email ID and mobile number registered for the Voter ID.

Other information like name, address etc. should be submitted as a supporting document as proof. Updated details will be required to receive the Voter ID card download link. Thereafter, a person should initiate a Voter ID Card download process. A person should follow the steps below to download the soft copy of the Voter ID card from the NVSP portal:

A person must log in to the NVSP portal and then the ‘Download EPIC Card’ option should be clicked. The required information like Voter ID number, Assembly Constituency, State, Name, etc. is required during the process. The preview of your Voter ID card details displayed on the screen should be verified. (Download Voter ID Card)

Then a person should carefully read the guidelines and submit the request by clicking on the ‘Download EPIC’ option. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Thereafter this OTP should be confirmed for the download request. The download link for the Voter ID card will be sent to the registered email ID within 48 hours.

Download Voter ID Card Online

After receiving the email from NVSP which contains the Voter ID card download link open the email and then click on the ‘Download Voter ID Card’ button. Thereafter, a person will be required to enter an OTP sent to the mobile or answer a security question. The PDF of the Voter ID card will be automatically downloaded by entering the valid credentials. (Download Voter ID Card)

download Voter ID Card

A soft copy of the Voter ID card can be saved on your laptop/mobile and then the printouts will be taken whenever there will be any sort of requirement. The soft copy of the Voter ID or e-EPIC card downloaded holds equal validity as the original physical card.

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