Provision of Free Electricity: 125 Units of Free Electricity will be Available in this State Every Month

Provision of Free Electricity: Jharkhand government has decided to give its people 125 units of electricity per month free. This proposal was approved in the cabinet meeting held on Friday evening under Chief Minister Champai Soren’s chairmanship. All those people living in Jharkhand are very happy after listening to this announcement.

Provision of Free Electricity

The cabinet of Champai Soren said that there has given a big gift to the people of Jharkhand. There are 125 units of electricity per month which are provided free. The cabinet approved the proposal related to this in the meeting held on Friday evening under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Champai Soren. In the cabinet, a total of twenty-nine proposals were approved. (Free Electricity)

Consumers did not have to pay any fee for electricity consumption up to 100 units till now in the state of Jharkhand. This limit has been increased even more by the government. The people of Jharkhand will not have to spend any money on electricity consumed up to 125 units. Due to this decision, it has been claimed by the government that the new decision will benefit 29 lakh consumers of the state.

 In the cabinet meeting, a total of 29 proposals were approved. New dairy plants in Giridih and Jamshedpur have been established by the Jharkhand Milk Federation and milk powder and milk product plants in Hotwar, Ranchi. It is an approximation that Rs. 500 crore will be spent on these projects.

The bill has been approved by the Cabinet related to the creation of the International University in Bokaro. There is another important decision, that in the public distribution system now 4-G POS machines will be made available in the state instead of 2-G. (Free Electricity)

Amendment in Jharkhand Building Bylaws 2016 was also approved in this meeting. There was a provision in the bylaws that people donated land in favour of the government on the wider roads. Only after the land was donated the plans for the buildings were approved. It was found that the land of the people affected by the CNT Act in this sequence, most probably could not be transferred and it could even be donated to anyone. (Free Electricity)

It was decided Given this in the cabinet that after surrendering the land to be donated, it could not be used in any way in future. The building plan will be rejected if they use it. People have now been authorized to give certificates to ASSOCHAM who meet the criteria of green building apart from this. The Jharkhand government is trying its best to give the best facilities to its people. (Free Electricity)

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