Waiver on Agricultural Loan Interest

Waiver on Agricultural Loan Interest: A big gift has been given to the farmers by the Shri Manohar Lal Khattar government of Haryana. There has been a waiver on interest on agricultural loans. There was also a provision of penalty in this scheme. The announcement has been made in the state government’s budget. Punjab’s farmer organizations are standing on Haryana’s borders and they are planning to march to Delhi. This is the reason why there is tension between the Khanauri border and the Shambhu border.

Waiver on Agricultural Loan Interest

Also, a big announcement has been made by the Haryana government in the budget regarding farmers. The government announced that interest on agricultural loans of all the farmers of the state will be waived while presenting the budget on Friday.

There will be a waiver on the interest on loans taken till September 2023. If there is any sort of penalty imposed on anyone then that too will not have to be paid. This facility will be available till May this year. Whatever penalty or interest will be imposed afresh after that will have to be paid. (Waiver on Agricultural Loan)

While Shri Manohar Lal Khattar presented his 5th consecutive budget, there has been an announcement that the state government will be purchasing 14 crops at MSP. The agitating farmers’ biggest demand is a guarantee of crop purchase at MSP. It has also been informed during the budget by Shri Manohar Lal Khattar that a portal has also been started. In case of crop damage farmers can make claims online on this portal. An amount of Rs 297 crore till now has been given as help. Moreover, leniency is also shown by the present Haryana government on the farmers’ movement. (Waiver on Agricultural Loan)

It has also been notified that action will be taken under Rasuka against the people indulging in farmer movement violence. It was also notified that the Ambala administration will not take any type of action under this. It was also told by Ambala’s ASP Pooja Dabla about this, ‘It was decided that at present the higher officials will take no action against the farmers under the National Security Act. (Waiver on Agricultural Loan)

An appeal was also made to the farmers not to take law and order into their hands. If the peace is maintained then there will be no need for any kind of strictness.

Waiver on Agricultural Loan Interest

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Also as a matter of fact the Haryana Police has stopped the Punjab’s farmers who had set out on the Delhi march only at Khanauri border and Shambhu border. Shubhakaran Singh who was a young farmer agitator has died on the Khanauri border. Due to this reason, there is anger among the farmers regarding this and a compensation of Rs 1 crore has been announced by the Punjab government for their families. (Waiver on Agricultural Loan)

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